Senior Care Education at Caring People University

If you are an active caregiver, seeking an opportunity to grow your career, our professional care education courses are an excellent option for you.

Caring People now offers paid monthly training opportunities for our active caregivers through Caring People University. These senior care education courses are provided as an additional, no-cost benefit to our active caregivers as part of our commitment to developing our team and promoting lifelong learning.

You will learn from industry experts, while building valuable skills that will help to advance your career. Our elder care courses will equip you with the tools needed to work as a part of our growing team of caregivers.

As a leading homecare agency, we are not only committed to providing the best services to our clients, but we believe in maintaining the highest standards for our team.

Our professional care education courses were developed with you in mind, based on feedback received directly from our team. There are many benefits to taking advantage of our specialized elder care courses.

Benefits of Caregiver Classes with Caring People University

The following are some of the benefits of participating in our caregiver courses:

  • Paid training opportunity
  • Receive in-service and continuing education credit
  • Participate in a graduation ceremony at the end of the year
  • Learn new skills and techniques working with your clients
  • Enhance your educational background and commitment to this field
  • Build relationships with fellow team members
  • Become an industry expert
  • Receive a bonus upon completion of 5+ courses in a calendar year

Caring People University Elder Care Education Courses

Caregiving is a rewarding and challenging career. Are you an active caregiver looking to take your skills to the next level while getting paid to learn?

Below is the list of courses we will be offering at your local office for all ACTIVE caregivers. Call your local office to register.

  1. Be a Pro! (Professionalism)
  2. Ever been asked to be interviewed by a client or family member? Have you ever thought about how to prepare for your first day with a new client? Join us for this engaging and fun course where you’ll learn how to get hired and how to keep a job with a client!

  3. Don’t Fall! (Fall Prevention)
  4. Many of our clients are fall risks, yet many falls are preventable. Join us for an in-depth dive into the root causes of falls, how we can avoid and prevent falls, and what to do if a fall does occur.

  5. The Longest Shift, Ever! (Meaningful Activities)
  6. Engage. Interact. Play. Even a 4-hour shift can feel like it’s never going to end. Join us for a fun and interactive training session on learning how to make the most of your time with your client.

  7. Stress Reduction. Namaste.
  8. Caregiving may be one of the most stressful jobs. Not only are you dealing with your own personal issues, but you’re also immersed in your clients’ lives, and sometimes it’s difficult to separate those emotions. Join us for a relaxing class focused on identifying, avoiding, and managing stressful situations. Yes, we will do some yoga!

  9. What’s for Lunch? (Diet/Nutrition)
  10. This is one of the most challenging questions, yet something so integral with caregiving. You want to provide nutritious meals, and you want to offer variety. Participate in this interactive class and enjoy a cooking demonstration. Participants will enjoy some delicious treats!

  11. CRISIS!!! (Handling Difficult Situations)
  12. Are you always worried about the “what if’s”? Or do you never consider the possibility that anything will go wrong? Whichever category you fall into, this class is for YOU. In this class we will identify crisis situations and get you thinking about ways to prepare.

  13. Dementia Training
  14. Almost 80% of our clients have a primary or secondary diagnosis of dementia. As the population ages, the need for skilled and trained caregivers with an expertise in working with this group of individuals will grow. Join us for this course to sharpen your skills and create a meaningful experience for your clients with cognitive impairment!

  15. So This Is What It Feels Like to Be 85 (Sensitivity Training)
  16. Ever wonder what it feels like to be a senior? How does it impact our vision, hearing, and body mechanics? This interactive class will give you the opportunity to become a senior and really experience aging! It will give you first-hand experience and a deep understanding of the physical challenges that go along with getting older.

At Caring People, we are dedicated to giving our professional caregivers the tools they need to provide the best care to clients.

Are you ready to enhance your caregiving skills? Take advantage of these unique training opportunities by getting in touch with your local office today!