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Reliable, Compassionate, Comprehensive Home Care in Pompano Beach, Florida

Home health care in Pompano Beach, Florida is an affordable, convenient option for clients who need in-home health care services. Florida home care is a rapidly growing industry due to the number of seniors that come to South Florida to retire. Our company, Caring People, is committed to ensuring that our caregivers in Florida provide the highest level of home health care; we are a certified Medicare healthcare provider. Our team of home health aides, transitional care coaches, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses can provide comprehensive home health care in the Pompano Beach, FL area. Our compassionate caregivers are caring experts with a background in providing elderly care services. Because of our many strategic locations, we provide services to clients throughout the east coast. For clients receiving elder care in Florida but need to return to New York and New Jersey in the summer months, we provide continuity of care services and support.

Empathetic, Flexible, Support for Families and Clients

We provide support to families who may be overwhelmed with caring for their loved ones; it can be hard to manage your daily routine while trying to ensure that your aging parents receive the proper, senior care that they need. Our respite care services are a flexible option that can be used to provide temporary relief to families; family members can take the time to take care of their day-to-day business with the reassurance that their family members. Our home health aides are senior care professionals from the Pompano Beach, FL area; they work hard to become an extended member of your family and to serve as a trusted advisor on the status of our clients. Our home health aides can assist with daily tasks such as personal grooming, housework, nutritional support, and some basic hands-on care; they also provide companion care services that empower our clients and promote independence. We provide overnight care support for seniors that ensures continuity and continuous collaboration between all caregivers; we work as a team to go the extra mile for our clients.

Hands-on, Overnight Elderly Care from a Knowledgeable Team of Caregivers

Additionally, we have a team of licensed practical nurses and registered nurses that can provide more extensive care such as skilled nursing services, chronic care management, and palliative care. We have a vast array of in-home care service packages for clients to give excellent elder care in Florida. Our staff of compassionate caregivers learns about our clients and the challenges that they face to help us develop a customized, comprehensive plan of treatment. We will discuss your priorities and listen to your concerns, and with input from your health care provider, we will develop a customized treatment plan which allows us to provide the best elder care in Florida. Our overnight elderly care services allow clients to access an extended part of health care team. Properly screened, selected and empowered to assist the elderly, our staff embodies our vision of being the best in care service provision home health agency in the Pompano Beach, FL area. Our registered nurses supervise the senior care process to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards and are following all protocols.

Coordination and Continuity for Our Florida, New York, and New Jersey Clients

As a professional, licensed Florida home health care agency and certified Medicare provider, we believe that our family-oriented approach to delivering short and long-term, 24-hour in home health care helps clients to improve their overall health. For our elderly clients traveling from New Your and New Jersey area, we can provide coordinated care in any of our locations; our companion caregivers also accommodate you while traveling. Our seniors benefit greatly from our home care services in Pompano Beach because we work hard to anticipate their needs. We coordinate with allied health professionals to ensure a high level of safety and satisfaction. We are committed to excellence, quality, and demonstrating understanding and compassion for each of our clients.