Caregiver Of The Month

Our organization recognizes that our caregivers are what makes us truly outstanding — providing best practice services with kindness, compassion, and a smile to all of our clients. Understanding this, we have recently launched a new program — Caregiver of the Month.

This program is designed to recognize and reward employees who have gone above and beyond for the clients that they work with. Each month, one caregiver will be selected from each state that we operate in — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. The recognized individual will be selected based on numerous selection criterion: testimonials from clients and/or client families, a strong commitment to continuing education (completing in-services and training courses), and excellent attendance, as well as a willingness to accept shifts on short notice. Other factors may also be taken into account too.

These qualities help ensure that our clients have the best possible outcomes and they make us the go-to choice for home healthcare.

Ideally, these awards will continue to motivate our outstanding employees to strive to do even better. The selected employees will receive a $50 gift card and a certificate recognizing their achievement. In addition to this, the caregiver of the month will have his/her picture framed and hung in every office in the state — generating awareness for a job well done. This picture will remain on the wall for the full month.

The selected caregiver’s photograph and a detailed statement about why they were chosen for the award will be placed on our company’s website and social media accounts and will also be used in the corporate newsletter.