Staying Connected to Your Health

COVID-19 has helped shift focus in several directions, towards health, safety, and staying connected to our community and loved ones. If we weren’t already aware of how important these ideas were, now we are! It’s hard to deny the impact this global pandemic has had on a large scale, affecting our global economy, healthcare industries at large, and social customs that will likely forever be changed. On a smaller scale, we can see and feel the impact of social distancing paired with quarantine; some being able to stay closer to family and loved ones than ever before and some feeling the immense weight of isolation and loneliness. Each experience is unique and has challenges of it’s own.

The Caring People philosophy has always centered around quality, compassion, and trust with a strong care for the communities we serve. That’s why we started the Staying Connected webinar series, for our clients, caregivers, and our community. We’re so proud to be a clinical and support resource, providing tips on helpful topics like: COVID FAQ’s, staying healthy, and how to keep your day filled with meaning and purpose.  

If you didn’t get a chance to join us, here are some actionable take-aways from our Staying Healthy series:

Staying Healthy

Making a plan is a key ingredient to the success of any objective, in this case, we’re talking about your health, mental and physical. Considering the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail!” Your health plan should include ways to eat healthy, be active, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and minimize your stress. Eating healthy can be tough, but we’ve got you covered:

  • Plan meals and snacks for the week
  • Create a grocery list based on planned meals
  • Meal prep for the week
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Plan a cheat meal

Looking to add some exercise into your daily routine? It’s easier than you think:

  • Go for a walk/run/hike
  • Bike ride
  • Park further away
  • Take the stairs
  • Yoga
  • Virtual workout options

Even a small step in the right direction can be advantageous to your overall health and longevity. A first step could be to pick one item from the list and integrate it into your daily life, maybe choosing an additional item each month.

Some of us can be intimated by kick-starting our health. We need to remember that our longevity isn’t just for us, it’s for our families, loved-ones, and people that rely on us, maybe as a caregiver or just as a friend. Our health should be priority just like brushing our teeth, spending time with loved ones, and even charging our phones. Charging the metaphorical “battery” in your body should be just as important as charging the battery in your smart phone.

Take a step today towards making your health a priority!

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