Wound Care for Seniors


Wound management for seniors requires a plan curated by a knowledgeable professional as well as dedicated care in order for the wound to heal properly. Since the elderly are more susceptible to wounds...

Everything You Need to Know About Private Home Care Agencies


Home care agencies offer an alternative for families who want to allow their senior loved ones to stay in their own homes while still receiving the care they need. Agencies employ trained caregivers and assign caregivers to clients. These trained caregivers can help seniors with the tasks required to get through daily life. 

4 Common Problems with Home Health Care (and How to Avoid Them)


Most seniors want to age in the comfort of their own home. However, many family members don’t have the capacity to make caregiving their full-time job. Fortunately, in-home care offers an alternative that allows seniors to stay in their own homes, even if families can’t provide care. 

Care Management For Seniors For Home Healthcare


When a loved one begins to age and loses physical or mental capabilities, life can certainly take a turn into an unknown direction. In such instances, it is common for most people to immediately opt f...

How Hospital at Home is Transforming Healthcare for the Elderly


Have you ever wondered if your aged loved ones could receive treatment and improved care in the comfort of their own homes or if you could grow old in a familiar space? Thanks to the Hospital at Home ...

Tips for Effective Health Care Advocacy – Finding Your Voice

Health Care Advocacy

There comes a time when it’s necessary to seek medical attention. This is true especially with the elderly. As they become older and their health begins to deteriorate, visits to the hospital are more...

Caregiver of the Month July 2018

Caregiver of the Month July 2018

Every month at Caring People, we highlight a caregiver that has done outstanding work with their clients. In recognition of their achievement, caregivers receive a gift card and certificate of appreci...

Caregiver of the Month May 2018 – Caring People


Norwalk, CT – Emmanuella Simon Emmanuella Simon. “Emmy” is our Caregiver of the Month. Emmy has been with Caring People since October 2017. Emmy has worked for several clients – they have ...

How to Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Health Costs -Understand Medical Bills

understand medical bills

Making well-informed healthcare decisions for another person can be difficult even if you are a good caregiver. Choosing the right Medicare plan for an aging loved one is hard because it might not cov...

Caregiver of the Month April 2018- Caring People

Caregivers of the month April

Queens – Maria Baez It is an honor to recognize Maria Baez from the Queens office as the caregiver of the month for April. Maria has been working with Caring People for 13 years with the same cl...