Live In Confidence with Live In Care

Being the primary caregiver for an aging relative is tough work. Perhaps the toughest part is when you’re not there. What if something happens? What if they need to use the bathroom and can’t manage by themselves? What if they need to call for help? In a situation like this, it’s time to consider options like live in care.

live in care

24/7 Care

For some, the idea of bringing a dedicated companion caregiver into the home might be a bit intimidating. That doesn’t last long. Those same families find there’s a huge benefit to having a professional live in caregiver on hand for assistance 24 hours a day; they quickly move from a ‘new face’ to a trusted companion that seniors couldn’t imagine living without.

Caregivers are trained to provide support for all aspects of daily living. Families that employ part time care will know that they can help with meal preparation and consumption, grooming, bathing, toileting, exercise, medication reminders and light housekeeping. With a full-time live in care there will be someone to attend to all these personal needs around the clock.

Watchful Eyes

In home care for the elderly that you can trust gives you the confidence that everything is being covered. But in addition to that, there will always be second set of eyes on your parent. Any small changes to their condition will be picked up on right away and can be addressed early. Families can be proactive in their care and avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital.

For example, the injury from falls (even minor ones) can be devastating to your parents’ health. Changes to their physical condition or their medications can interfere with vision, balance, reflexes or coordination. Bathroom slips, or any trips in the home, can result in breaks or fractures, bruises and hemorrhaging, or head injuries that could take a long time to recover from.

With live in care this could be avoided entirely. Companion caregivers are trained to identify fall risks and remove them. Situational risks like rushing to answer a phone or stepping up on a chair to reach a high object can be avoided – things your parent may have been able to do previously that have become riskier actions.

Peace 0f Mind

Anxiety about an aging parent isn’t something that gets turned on and off. Leaving for work, or heading to a child’s soccer practice doesn’t mean you leave the worrying at the door. Having to balance being a caregiver for a loved one with all of life’s other demands is draining.

Worse, there are only so many hours in a day. It’s easy to neglect other parts of life and other relationships. In home care for the elderly lets you take care of everything that’s important in your life without being overwhelmed.

Do you think that live in care might be right for you? Call or contact home health care agency to a schedule a free in-home consultation. Qualified homecare specialists will meet with you, assess your unique situation, and match your needs to the right services.