Everything You Need to Know About Private Home Care Agencies

Home care agencies offer an alternative for families who want to allow their senior loved ones to stay in their own homes while still receiving the care they need. Agencies employ trained caregivers and assign caregivers to clients. These trained caregivers can help seniors with the tasks required to get through daily life. 

Although in-home care is a popular senior care option, you need to learn a little more before you decide whether or not this is the best choice for your loved one. Find out more about what private home care agencies do and how to tell if this is the right choice for your family.

What Do Home Care Agencies Do?

Private home care agencies employ caregivers who can offer a wide range of services to seniors. These services can include homemaking tasks, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, companionship, hygiene assistance, and more. The services that an in-home caregiver provides depends on the services that their senior client needs. 

Who Should Schedule Assistance with a Home Care Agency?

Many people can benefit from in-home care, but seniors are these agencies’ primary clientele. Caregivers provide assistance with daily tasks that seniors may not be able to complete themselves or are a strain to complete. As many seniors want to maintain independence as they age, in-home care is the perfect compromise. Seniors don’t have to sacrifice safety for independence, and they don’t have to move into assisted living communities to get the care they need. 

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from in-home care. Anyone who requires special assistance due to physical, cognitive, emotional or any other type of need or disability can benefit from in-home care. Because private home care agencies offer clients customizable care, it can be the right option for many people’s needs.

What Kind of Services Do Home Care Agencies Provide?

Home care agencies usually provide any service your senior loved one needs, including:

  • Lifting, Transferring and Mobility Assistance
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Feeding and/or Cooking
  • Medication Reminders and Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Household Chores and Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Custom Services

Do these services cover the needs of your senior loved one? Before you choose in-home care or select a home care agency to work with, you need to think carefully about whether or not they meet your loved one’s needs. Talk to your senior loved one about what they need help with on a daily or weekly basis, and then check with the agencies you’re considering to make sure they can fulfill those requirements.

How Much Does Working with a Home Care Agency Cost?

Cost can be a determining factor for many families when they’re trying to choose a senior care option. Many believe that in-home care is too expensive, and in some cases, they’re right. 

Traditionally, home care agencies require clients to schedule visits for a minimum number of hours, usually four to six hours. So, if you only need one hour of assistance, you will still be required to pay for a minimum number of hours. Due to these minimums, the national average for home care is about $139 per day. Although this can increase or decrease depending on where you live, this is still a high cost. 

There are some alternatives, fortunately. Agencies that partner with CaringOnDemand, for example, offer a pay-by-the-minute pricing structure. This allows you to pay for visit lengths as short as 15 minutes. On average, agencies that work with CaringOnDemand charge about $0.99 per minute of care. For most people, this would greatly lower the cost of care. 

What are In-Home Care Visits Like?

If you want to ensure your senior loved one feels comfortable with a private home care agency, they need to know what to expect on a day-to-day basis. So, what is it like for seniors to have in-home care?

Generally, your loved one’s care visit will start at the time you specify. The caregiver will arrive at your home and begin conducting the services that are required, like the ones listed above. Once the services are complete, the caregiver will leave. 

Using an app like CaringOnDemand makes it simple to both schedule and pay for care. You can request a visit any time you need one and a caregiver will arrive as quickly as possible. If you want to schedule care in advance, you can do that, too. 

Using this app also means you can input your credit or debit card information, allowing your card to be charged automatically at the end of each care visit. There’s no need to deal with physical checks or complicated payment processes. Plus, with an app like CaringOnDemand, your entire family will be able to see what’s happening in real-time, including the arrival, progress, and departure.

How Can I Find a Reputable Home Care Agency?

Finding the right private home care agency doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know the right steps to take. Here are a few strategies you can use to find the best agency for your needs:

  1. Search for options online, or ask family and friends for caregiver recommendations.
  2. Read reviews to ensure agencies have a positive reputation.
  3. Ask agencies what their caregiver vetting process entails. 
  4. Compare pricing options. 
  5. Schedule a free visit or consultation with your top agency choices. 

When you’re considering home care agencies, ask as many questions as possible, and try to select an agency with well-trained and highly qualified caregivers. Use free consultations to learn as much as possible about an agency, and ensure you’re partnering with caregivers that can provide the best care for your loved one possible.

Choosing an in-home care agency is a big decision for your family. Put thought and care into finding the right private home care agency for your needs. When you do, you’ll know your loved one is in the right hands. 

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