help seniors to move out

Best Downsizing Tips For Seniors – Helping Them To Move Out!

As seniors age, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to maintain their home. Their home may have gotten too big for their needs as their family has moved out and a smaller living arrangement is necessary to provide them the care that they need. Whether your parent is moving in with you or moving to a retirement home, you will have to do some downsizing to help them adjust to their new living quarters.

Helping A Senior Move

Helping a senior move can be challenging as they are emotionally attached to their belongings, and it can be hard for them to relinquish items that hold memories or are meaningful to them. Packing up the items that a senior may need in their new living space can be difficult for them to determine on their own and your help can assist them to overcome these obstacles.

Downsizing Tips For Seniors

Downsizing Tips For Seniors – Try these techniques when it comes to helping your parent!

  • First find a home: Knowing the size and accommodations of where your parent will be living can make it easier to decide what items are necessary for their new home. They may not need kitchen items or living room furniture as the facility they are moving to may provide meals or have a sitting room for them.
  • Control the clutter: You will need to sort through your parent’s belongings with care as they are emotionally attached. Point out the items that they barely use and allow these items to be sold or given away prior to helping a senior move.
  • Unused rooms first: Start your packing in rooms that your parent doesn’t use frequently. This will make the process easier as they are able to get rid of items that have less meaning to them as they don’t have a need for them any longer.
  • Give to others: Items that are meaningful to your parent may be better served with another family member than given away to a stranger. This will help your parent with the purging process, knowing someone they care about will be holding on to these items if they need them.
  • Make a memory book: Letting go is hard and moving to the next phase of life for your parent is even harder. If you take the time to capture the memories that your parent holds dear, they will be able to move on knowing that they can look back and remember these times with ease.
  • Bring the family together: Your family home no doubt holds a lot of memories for you as well as your parent. Having one last family get-together will allow you all to reminisce about the good times in your home and have a chance to say goodbye altogether.

Helping a senior move can be a trying time for all that are involved. You need to have patience and allow your parent time to come to terms with a new residence. Allow them to reminisce on their belongings and guide them through downsizing tips for seniors. Together, you can both move on from the past and welcome the start of a new experience for your parent.