Care Management For Seniors For Home Healthcare

When a loved one begins to age and loses physical or mental capabilities, life can certainly take a turn into an unknown direction. In such instances, it is common for most people to immediately opt for a nursing home or assisted home facility for their loved ones. However, that certainly does not have to be the case as care management for seniors has certainly seen a rise.

With advancements in technology, the elderly can now receive treatment and care in the comfort of their own homes without moving into an assisted-care facility. Studies have found that aging seniors find more comfort in a familiar setting which in turn also contributes to a faster recovery process. This can be achieved by hiring a professional and following the Hospital at Home model. This program effectively reduces hospital visits, allowing aging patients the privilege to be surrounded by their loved ones when battling an illness.

Hiring a geriatric care manager for your loved one can be the best way to make their lives more comfortable.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Think of these professionals as an advocate for your aging loved ones. They assess the needs of seniors and sit down with the family to strategize a care plan. Because these professionals possess immense knowledge when it comes to geriatric health care, they can help with a variety of tasks. Some of their services include:

  • Formulating an elaborate care plan for seniors
  • Evaluating home care needs and providing suggestions and solutions
  • Providing stress relief to the elderly and acting as their representative
  • Suggesting needed services after making home visits
  • Coordinating with family members to evaluate the best possible outcomes for the elderly

Here are some benefits of hiring professionals to take care of your loved ones.


What Do Care Managers Do?

Most people assume that a care manager’s job only revolves around vigorously making care plans, spending time on the drawing board. But that’s far from the truth. According to Sonja Kobrin, President and Founder of V.I.P Care Management INC, nobody outright asks for a care plan. People are always on the lookout for someone who can ask tough questions and has a knack for problem solving. They act as consultants for the family and individual to transition towards a better lifestyle. Care managers are also responsible for assisting with legal, financial and medical issues as the need arises.

Here are some practical ways in which a care manager can aid you and your family:

Legal Services and Financial Assistance

A care manager actively plays a role in enlightening the individual and all parties involved regarding care options, insurance benefits and other concerns. He/she will step forward and help in making home care decisions whilst keeping the individual’s physical and emotional state in mind. They also offer legal services support and financial assistance.

Medical Advocacy

Care managers provide necessary assistance whether that involves hospital visits or supporting the needs of the individual in any way possible. They especially aid clients in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. Care managers can also help with placement in terms of assisted home facilities. They have the resources to connect you to just the right place depending on your price point and geographical location.

Help Individuals Embrace Independence

By getting together with the family, the care manager actively introduces options that might help the individual move towards a more independent lifestyle.

Why Hire a Care Manger In Addition to a Caregiver?

Keep in mind that a caregiver may not always be in a position to leave the client at home to run errands or pay bills. A care manager bridges in that extra gap and takes on the extra load. They will maintain communication with all parties, ensuring that everything is taken care of.

Benefits of Care Management for Senior Citizens

A professional care manager has received the training to devise a care plan for senior citizens. They have adequate knowledge and experience to tailor their skills according to each individual. This ensures that the respected caregiver is equipped with the right resources to maximize health and wellness.

Here are some benefits of hiring professional care managers:

Necessary Knowledge and Expertise

When caring for seniors, it’s always a good idea to take precautionary measures to ensure your loved one is catered to the right way in case of accidents. In short, it pays to be a little extra prepared. Care managers are equipped with the necessary skillset to think and act quickly if something goes wrong.

Depending on what condition your loved one is suffering from, elderly citizens are likely to experience loss of balance and dizziness which can lead to slips and falls. Geriatric care managers take all of these factors into account when devising a plan to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one.

Private Attention

Depending on their symptoms, your loved one will certainly benefit from individual attention and care. In a nursing home, it’s easy for residents to feel neglected. Care management in home healthcare ensures that your family members receive the attention and care required for better living. In many cases, this can aid the process of recovery and allow seniors to lead a happier life.

Care managers offer tailor-made strategies for individuals and families that are best suited for their needs and requirements.

Greater Independence

In many ways, home healthcare allows one to be more independent. In many ways, moving into an assisted care facility can cause the elderly to become completely dependent on their caregivers for everyday tasks. An integral part of effective care management is to assess the needs of the elderly and act as a problem solver which leads to greater independence. Additionally, being in a familiar setting might also encourage the elderly to take greater control of their lives.

Peace of Mind

The person you hire acts as an advocate on behalf of your loved one. They will help solve problems, communicate with hospitals, family members and physicians. This will take a load off your mind, knowing that your family is under the care of somebody who already knows the ropes.

A lot of times, geriatric care managers have access to certain communities that seniors can benefit from. Staying connected with such professionals ensures that seniors don’t feel isolated and are introduced to communities designated for seniors.

Cost of Care Management

Care managers are present at an hourly basis. The cost of hiring can be determined after conducting a thorough analysis. The hourly cost typically range between $50-$200. Keep in mind that in many ways, hiring a geriatric care manager can actually help the family save money by assisting in all aspects of health care.
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