Things You Should Know About Staying Put And Aging In Place

A relatively new concept for seniors has developed that allows them to live in their home as long as possible with some advanced planning and modifications. Known as aging in place, this term refers to the ability for your parents to live in their family home or the home of their choice without having to move in their senior years.

What Is Aging In Place?

To understand aging in place, you need to consider the benefits of allowing your parents to live in their home as long as possible. Because your family home holds great memories and is a place that your parent feels comfortable, it can prevent the possibility of becoming isolated and depressed because of the environment they live in.

Your parent is also enmeshed in the community and removing them from what they know as familiar can have detrimental effects on their health. With aging in place, your parent can stay put and live out their lives right in their own home. With some planning on your part, you can make sure your parent is able to stay in their home and be safe as a result.

Aging In Place Services

One of the most important ways that your parent can live in their home all during their senior years is by incorporating aging in place services that are designed to help them physically, mentally, and psychologically. This will ensure they are cared for and able to complete the daily tasks that get harder as they age.

  • Home services: Maintaining the home inside and out requires aging in place services that are planned well in advance. Your parent may need to remodel their home to make sure it is adequately equipped to provide for them as they get older. Features within the home need to be made functional and easier to operate. You may also need to have services in place to care for the outside of the home when it comes to yard work or snow. Planning these services ahead of time can allow your parent to age in place and enjoy their final years.
  • Meal services: There may come a time when it is difficult for a parent to cook and prepare meals for themselves. Having meal services ready to assist your parent in their meal preparation can keep your parent safe and nourished without worry. They may also need help grocery shopping and allow an aging in place service to assist with these needs. This can help your parent stay in the home longer and fulfill their wishes for aging in place.
  • Nursing and care services: Preparing for changes in medical conditions or health issues that require special care is a part of planning for aging in place. You may need to have a nurse come to the home to administer medication or provide care for daily living activities that are now more challenging for your parent. With aging in place services, your parent is able to get the long-term care they need without leaving the comfort of their home.
  • Finance and legal services: Having financial and legal services ready for when your parent needs access to them can help with aging in place planning. Having these affairs taken care of early on will allow your parent to stay in their home without devastating effects. They will be able to afford living there financially and have the procedures in place to help with the long-term care and any medical conditions that may occur. This will also allow for a trustee to take care of financial arrangements should your parent lose their mental capacity to make decisions.
  • Community services: Keeping your parent in their community will allow them to remain active and take advantage of the services it offers. With aging in place, your parent will be able to keep their daily routine and take advantage of local outreach programs and assistance from individuals that they are already familiar with.

Allowing your parent to age in place takes some advanced effort to make sure they will be well taken care of and not be hurt in any way. Allowing your parent to live their life out in their own home can provide them with the opportunity to be happy and comfortable in their golden years.