4 Smart Senior Technology Trends

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Gone are the days of technology only being used by younger generations, every age has access to a variety of technology platforms, whether it be LinkedIn or Snapchat. Read about 4 smart senior technol...

Care Management in the Age of a Pandemic

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As we enter into the ninth week of the pandemic, change has become a constant. It’s our new normal. We’re all experiencing some form of newness in our daily lives, whether it’s how we interact with ou...

How Can Seniors Stay Healthy During the Pandemic?


COVID-19 has helped shift focus in several directions, towards health, safety, and staying connected to our community and loved ones. If we weren’t already aware of how important these ideas were, now...

The Importance of Wellness & How to Attain It


Have you noticed how some people genuinely display more positivity than others? In fact, it has been well established that people whoare happier perform better at work and are generally more successfu...

Health & Wellness Preventative Screenings

Health & Wellness Preventative ScreeningsAs our current healthcare climate would remind us, we’ve got to start, if we aren’t already, focusing on our health. A healthy proactive lifestyle will not...

New Weekly Webinar: Staying Connected, Coping with COVID-19


Staying connected today, with the ever present COVID-19 crisis, is more important that ever. CaringPeople is here to help. You’re not alone, although it may feel like it some days, we’re all in this t...

An Overview of the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM)


The modern healthcare marketplace is characterized by evolving regulations and mounting financial pressures. It is now more critical than ever for industry leaders to understand the new payment models...

Wound Care for Seniors


Wound management for seniors requires a plan curated by a knowledgeable professional as well as dedicated care in order for the wound to heal properly. Since the elderly are more susceptible to wounds...

Everything You Need to Know About Private Home Care Agencies


Home care agencies offer an alternative for families who want to allow their senior loved ones to stay in their own homes while still receiving the care they need. Agencies employ trained caregivers and assign caregivers to clients. These trained caregivers can help seniors with the tasks required to get through daily life. 

4 Common Problems with Home Health Care (and How to Avoid Them)


Most seniors want to age in the comfort of their own home. However, many family members don’t have the capacity to make caregiving their full-time job. Fortunately, in-home care offers an alternative that allows seniors to stay in their own homes, even if families can’t provide care.