Caring People is committed to empowering our clients and their families by providing flexible, customized care options in which we work closely with clients to understand their needs and values. We do not simply deliver care, we also educate clients and their families about proper self-care; self-care is a critical component of holistic wellness and reduced recovery time. Additionally, we also believe that it is important to educate potential clients, internal team members, social workers, and caregivers on a variety of relevant subjects regarding home health care. Our home health care webinars are engaging online events that are informative and help families select the best senior care options. Our free webinars for social workers, caregivers, and family care providers offer a variety of topics related to senior care safety, elderly self-care, transitional care, dementia and Alzheimer’s are home care industry updates, skill enhancement for caregivers, as well as other services provided by Caring People.

We are a learning organization, and our goal is to ensure that we are offering the best, holistic approaches to care and not simply providing treatment to our clients. By providing free webinars for social workers, families and caregivers, we are enhancing their industry knowledge and skills, so that we continue to remain a leader among home health care agencies for seniors. Families trust us because they know that we are willing to go above and beyond to their loved one with the best care possible. Our free home health care webinars are helpful to families that take advantage of Caring People’s Respite Care services; we want to ensure that clients who are receiving respite care still have their comprehensive health care needs met. We support families by providing these free home health care webinars, where they cannot only learn new topics, but can ask questions and engage with our professional, compassionate caregivers. For more information about our free webinars for social workers, clients, and families, please review the information below: