As a leading home health care provider, we are at the forefront of providing accessible senior care resources to clients, families, and caregivers. Below you will find a variety of community resources for seniors that are aimed at helping them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. From the very beginning of our organization, we have always held the belief that seniors care providers should be held to the highest of standards pertaining to the quality and delivery of care. We are passionate and committed to educating our clients, families, and home health care professionals about a variety of topics related to elderly care services.

Community Resources for the Elderly

Our community resources for seniors is just one of many ways we demonstrate this commitment to our clients. These resources include material that has been developed by Caring People as well as links to other relevant sources from educational or governmental institutions. For many families, particularly those who are using our respite care services these sources are a terrific addition to their knowledge base for caring for their loved ones.

Additionally, our community resources for the elderly also serves as an informational tool for home health care professionals that can be used as a reference point for clients. On this page, you will find information related to all our 24-hour in-home care services such as general information about elderly self-care, overnight care services, the impact of music and pet therapy, senior care updates, hospice, long-term care management, and Medicare.