When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you want reassurance that they are receiving the adequate care. You can try to do it alone, but having the support of a trained professional can help your family understand how to provide proper care as well as ensure that they are receiving the right care when you are not available. Your loved one deserves the highest level of care that addresses the symptoms, behaviors, and progressive effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dementia is a highly disruptive neurodegenerative disease that can disrupt the lives of individuals and their families. Caring People has a well-trained staff of Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDPs), who have led the way in promoting and preserving the quality of life and coordination of services for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients. Caring People’s Certified Dementia Practitioners are specially trained to assist clients and their families with overcoming the challenges a debilitating disease; we focus on helping clients to remain independent and serving as a resource for family members. Our company was one of the several innovators, hand selected to pioneer the CDP training when it was first launched by the Alzheimer’s Foundation; since then we have perfected our craft and delivery of services for our clients.

 Our Dementia Care Specialists: Dedicated, Compassionate, and Well-Trained

Neurodegenerative diseases diagnoses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s have become quite common among the ever-increasing aging population. With baby-boomers in particular, despite the advances that have occurred with the treatment of the disease through technological and pharmaceutical treatment, a personable, caring, hands-on approach is still needed. These individuals need reassurance, support, and the opportunity to remain independent. They sometimes face difficulties related to communication, behavioral, and social skills; having a dedicated, compassionate, and well-trained dementia care specialist available to assist them provides comfort to our clients and their families. Our Certified Dementia Care Specialists are 100% dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the proper care; we need only develop collaborative, comprehensive dementia care plans, but we also work with clients one-on-one to teach them to cope with the challenges that they may face.

Our Unique Approach to Dementia Care Programs for the Elderly

Dementia and Alzheimer’s requires unique approaches to addressing a client’s health care concerns. We have instituted a process that utilizes a variety of interventions and techniques to ensure that clients are receiving the best care possible while learning to cope with the disease; we also work with families to help them understand how to care for their loved ones properly. We focus on teaching clients how to cope with changes to communication, for example, by encouraging them to have two-way conversations, reading and other brain stimulating activities through our flexible respite care and companion care services. Our certified dementia care managers work with the client’s care team to design care plans that are inclusive of assisting clients with daily activities such as grooming, medication administration, medication management, and medical appointment coordination; their input ensures that the care plans take into consideration the client’s special needs.

Certified Dementia Practitioners that Truly Care

Our dementia care specialists are fully equipped to deal with the difficulties associated with an impaired cognitive function in the elderly; we are here to ease the burden placed on families as a result of the disease. Certified dementia practitioners support families by teaching clients cognitive cues are used to help them remember the people in their lives. All of Caring People’s Certified Dementia Practitioners partner with families and provide feedback through a process of ongoing monitoring; our goal is to demonstrate tangible progress in the improvement of our client’s health. We understand that with the onset of dementia, clients may experience increased illness, pain, loss of eyesight, lack of sleep, and may require new medications. Caring People, people has a team of home health aides that can provide respite care and companion care services to address these areas; we truly care about the needs of our clients.

Our Certified Dementia Practitioners create customized care plans that are designed based on the following objectives in mind:

There are many forms of dementia and types of neurodegenerative diseases; each client is affected differently, which is why it is important to have a trained professional on hand to assess their needs. Dementia care specialists are committed to observing, analyzing, and evaluating the ongoing needs of dementia care clients; they assess the client’s unique situation such as the type of care needed, family cues, values, and other details that make the individualized care plans efficient and effective. A Dementia care specialist plays a great role in improving the quality of life for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients; we offer these services at our New York and New Jersey locations.

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