Proper training and education is imperative for care givers to possess when working with individuals who have a diagnosis of dementia or Alzhaimer’s. Our Dementia Care Specialists provide this training for our caregivers who are working with dementia clients. In doing so, our caregivers can feel confident that the interventions and techniques they have been provided with will ensure the client is receiving the highest level of care. Our Dementia Care Specialists are also available to offer support to the families of our clients. In addition, when necessary, the dementia care specialist will also provide home visits if necessary to ensure the dementia care plan is being followed appropriately. The healthcare professional is also educated on the wide range of behaviors and / or actions a person with dementia may exhibit. With the proper training, the healthcare professional will be able to address these issues in a manner that is positive for the client.

Whether we are providing services in a facility, or home care in an individual’s private residence, our certified Dementia Practioners will devise an individualized plan of care specific to the needs of each client. The effectiveness of this plan will be reviewed, monitored, and revised accordingly by the CDP (Certified Dementia Practioner). It is extremely important for the healthcare professional who is providing home care for elderly with dementia. In addition, the dementia care plan will be reviewed as needed as well as with each healthcare worker assigned to the client. This review and in-servicing will be provided by our CDP. There are many different types of dementia. Individuals will display different actions to the same type of dementia. Individuals will also respond differently to the same interventions. For this reason, our CDP will provide a wide range of tools and interventions for the caregiver. Why is this important?