Caring People’s State of the Art Senior Care Program

As an innovator of 24-hour in-home senior care, Caring People, is proud to offer a host of specialty programs designed with your family in mind. Our help for the elderly goes beyond your expectations. Many of these services are free to our clients and can be customized to fit your needs. We believe that quality in-home care is the best way to help senior citizens who need assistance with daily activities; you can trust our caregivers to not only provide the best care but to create detailed client-centered care plans based on your loved ones medical and non-medical needs. At Caring People, our services are flexible, versatile, and handled by experienced senior care professionals, who are passionate about what they do and committed to the core values of our company. We understand the needs and expectations of the elderly; we work to reassure your family by providing them with clarity and peace of mind that their loved one is being adequately cared for.

We meet one-on-one with families to develop our care plans, and our compassionate caregivers easily integrate into our clients’ health care team. We provide state-of-the-art senior care senior care programs that helps us to leverage resources, and expand our services to clients. Our main objective is to give your loved one the utmost high-quality service to enhance their life, improve their independence, and help them to recover faster. As part of our consultation process, align the needs of our clients with the skills of our caregivers as well as assess their programmatic needs. Our compassionate, courteous and professional team will answer any questions and provide ongoing support;

We currently Offer the Following Help for The Elderly Services 

Carefully Coordinated, Skillfully Executed, Transitional Care Support

It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to help your loved one navigate the system when transitioning from an inpatient setting; let us be your guide! We are here to help our clients successfully transition from the hospital to home; our transitional care services are designed to serve as a bridge between inpatient and residential settings. We have a team of transitional care managers that help clients transfer between inpatient facilities to their home, and we have an established program based on the Dr. Eric Coleman Model of Care Transition Structure that involves a highly collaborative process.

We are in constant contact with clients, and we help them to develop a plan of care that will improve their behavioral health outcomes. The goals of our transitional care are to help clients deal with such challenges as fear, anxiety, chronic disease management, a lack of transitional care support. We focus on improving behavioral health outcomes that resulted in the client’s original admission by creating and instituting a proactive care plan. Our transitional coaches not only help clients to navigate the system, but they also serve as their recovery accountability partner.

Holistic, Effective, Stimulating Music Therapy

According to American Music Therapy Association, music therapy has been proven to be an effective alternative therapeutic approach for helping seniors improve memory and successfully manage the symptoms of neurodegenerative illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s; music therapy is useful for boosting self-efficacy and helping seniors to accomplish personal goals. As a leader among home care agencies, Caring People, is at the forefront of helping clients improve their memory, vitality, and well-being. We provide one free, complimentary Music and Memory program session for our clients, and we take their needs and preferences into consideration when designing their program. For an additional fee, clients can participate in provide one-on-one or small group sessions that allow them to express themselves through a variety of musical modalities such as singing, songwriting, and instrument playing.

Our music therapy programs for seniors have been shown to decrease stress, improve physical functioning, and behavioral outcomes. It is especially helpful for dementia and Alzheimer’s because of the brain stimulation and improvement in long-term memory that results from the program. As one of our multilevel approaches to improving the quality of life for our clients, our music therapy program helps to clients to achieve what conventional medicine has not. We design our programs with music that has a personal meaning to clients to stimulate memories and improve brain functioning; our goal is to help improve multiple areas of wellness such as social, emotional, and psychological conditions. Each of our music therapists are board certified professionals, and all compassionate caregivers involved in the music therapy program have completed a mandatory training to ensure that they knowledgeable about our client-centered approach to managing our programs.

Compassionate, Soothing, and Supportive Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is another program offered by Caring People in collaboration with a local community partner. We believe that our pet therapy program serves as an excellent supplement to the companion care services we provide. As individuals age they experience diminishing health and must also adapt to many life changes, and for some it may be overwhelming to experience this alone. Our approach to holistic, comprehensive senior care is why we provide these non-traditional types of care; your loved one should never have to feel alone. Pet therapy is a form of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) that engages seniors by providing access to a pet that they can care for.

Our pet therapy program is not only designed to address companionship needs, but pet therapy has been proven to improve cardiovascular health, boost self-efficacy, increase confidence, improve psychological functioning, and overall well-being. Our pet therapy program is an approach to elderly care that helps clients acclimate to their environment while improving social, cognitive, and behavioral skills; we have a support staff on hand that is always available to answer questions and provide support. Pet therapy opens the doors for compassionate senior care that is soothing, reassuring, and relaxing; families can trust that are team of caregivers are readily available and that their loved one has a pet companion that keeps them active, happy, and healthy.

Trusted, Attentive, and Watchful Overnight Care

Our overnight care program is designed to support families by ensuring that they have a trusted, attentive, and compassionate caregiver readily available to attend to their loved one. Caring People has a properly vetted and well-trained team that can provide round the clock care. If you are serving as a full-time caregiver for your aging parents or loved ones, there may be times when you are not available due to traveling or vacation. In such cases, Caring People can supplement the care you provide, and we can also provide overnight home care on a regularly basis. The type of overnight home care a family needs and how often that they utilize our services is up to them; we design customized senior care plans based on the needs of our clients and your schedule. Overnight care services are essential especially if your loved one wakes up multiple times during the night is a fall risk; having our team available as an attentive, watchful eye is one way to reduce these concerns.

Caring People’s overnight care for seniors takes into consideration the factors that maximize comfortability for each client; we want our clients to get a restful night’s sleep, and we work to minimize any disruptions. Our overnight services are recommended for clients who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, have been prescribed bed rest, have problems walking, and are experiencing constant sleep disruptions. We also work closely with clients who have recently been discharged from a health care facility; our overnight care program makes a great supplement to our transitional care program for recently discharged clients.

Empathetic Dementia Care from a Knowledgeable Team

Dementia is a disruptive neurodegenerative disease, which can cause chaos to the lives of the family and the individuals that it affects. Caring People is passionate about ensuring that our dementia and Alzheimer’s clients receiving empathetic, compassionate care that stimulates brain functioning, improves memory, and helps to manage the symptoms of the disease. We have incorporated therapeutic and support programs that ensure that clients receive 24-hour in home care and transitional support from members of our knowledgeable team. Our company was a pioneer in the development of the Alzheimer’s Foundation’s Certified Dementia Practitioner program, and many of our team members have achieved this distinctive designation.

Our well-trained Certified Dementia Practitioners work with clients and families to design a detailed care plan that will improve quality of life. Their unique training on caring for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients helps to ensure that the plan is customized to minimize the effects of the disease. Our team of professionals understands that each client’s needs are different, and we take this into consideration when designing our plans. The comprehensive care plans address the medical and non-medical aspects of holistic client care; we also educate families how to care for their loved ones and reduce the burden of the disease. We incorporate recommendations from many of the programs that we already offer to address the cognitive and behavioral concerns that may arise because of the illness.

To learn more about our specialty programs, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.