Our founder, Hannah Shulman, began serving clients from the basement of her home in Flushing Queens, NY. From the very beginning, we have placed a very high standard on the quality of caregivers and the responsibility we had with our clients and our referral partners. All of our professional home health aides are guided by a passionate vision: to make every moment in the lives of our seniors as joyous, healthy, safe and comfortable as possible.
Our current CEO and President, Steven East, is Hannah’s grandson. He has worked side by side with Hannah learning everything he could from her and understanding her values and how she applied them to her work. Steven has taken Hannah’s passion and adapted the company to meet the ever changing need of our client’s over the years.
Recognizing that the need for senior homecare was rapidly increasing, Steven began the process to license Caring People in both New York and New Jersey. After helping numerous families during our first year, Steven saw another trend – some of our seniors were heading to Florida for the winter and wanted to keep their caregiver and maintain continuity while they were there (when certified). Without a second thought, Steven headed to Florida as well. He quickly established an office there to meet the needs of our clients.
Soon after, Steven realized that there was still something missing from the delivery of homecare services. Due to geographic locations, work schedules, and other life events, families weren’t able to keep in touch with their loved ones as often as they would have liked and knowing in realtime how their loved one was doing. To address this, Caring People built a proprietary technology platform called CaringOnDemand. By fusing advanced technologies with leading care protocols and initiatives, we enable you to share in your loved ones days, activities, entertainment and even holiday and birthday celebrations.
The passion that Hannah founded the company is still engrained in our approach to senior homecare. Since Hannah’s passing in 2005, Steven has continued Hannah’s legacy through Caring People’s philosophy. We believe that all seniors deserve to live happily and safely in their homes as long as possible. Our services range from offering basic intermittent companionship to 24 hour skilled care. Our licensed and certified Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and elite team of Alzheimer’s and Dementia care professionals can ensure your loved one remains in the comfort and familiarity of their home. We also offer care management and transitional care services for those who need an extra hand managing the care of a loved one and returning home from a recent hospitalization.
From the very beginning, our approach has been simple, yet powerful. We aim to make every senior’s life as fulfilling as possible. From the extraordinary level of passion and commitment of our caregivers to our constantly growing and adapting technologies, Caring People puts your family first.

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