caring for elderly parents

Caring for Elderly Parents: The Basics

None of us want to think about caring for elderly parents, much less talk about it. However, you need to realize that one day your mother or father may require a certain degree of care.

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Diabetes in the Elderly

How to Treat Diabetes in the Elderly

Treatment of diabetes in the elderly can be different than treatment for a younger person. There are different considerations for an elderly person with diabetes.

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Home Care Technology

Home Care Technology – Why Should I Consider It?

Recent advances in home care technology provide added security for the elderly and peace of mind for their families. Those who benefit from home health care services are discovering increased independence as well as enhanced levels of professional care, all without a health care professional being physically present.

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medication management

5 Steps to Effective Medication Management:

Does dealing with multiple prescriptions get confusing? If you or someone you love faces the daunting task of multiple medication management, don’t despair.

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What is Alzheimer’s: The Basics

For seniors and their families, even the mention of dementia can be terrifying. It’s important to understand what Alzheimer’s is before jumping to conclusions.

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terminally ill senior

Caregiver Roles When Caring for a Terminally Ill Senior

At some time in our lives, we may find ourselves caring for a terminally ill senior. This loved one may be a parent or close relative.

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aging parents

How to Talk To Aging Parents?

Caring for aging parents is tough, and dealing with aging parents can be tougher. Expressing concerns about a senior’s wellbeing can be uncomfortable because you will play a different role.

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How to pay for home care

How to Pay for Home Care?

Have you been struggling to pay for home care? In this article I will explain easy ways that you can use to pay for home care without struggling so that you get all the care services that you or your loved one needs.

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home health care provider

How to Find the Right Home Health Care Provider for You: A Guide

The move to using a home health care provider is a big one. Seniors may be reluctant to open their doors to people they’ve never met before; however, families with an aging loved one may not be in a position to provide all the assistance needed themselves.

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Live In Confidence with Live In Care

Being the primary caregiver for an aging relative is tough work. Perhaps the toughest part is when you’re not there. What if something happens?

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