medicare coverage guide

Affordable Health Insurance: Understanding Medicare Coverage

When your parent reaches the age of 65, they can qualify for enrollment in the Medicare insurance program. This affordable health insurance program provides for several different types of insurance coverage and can give a senior the confidence they need to know that their medical treatments will be covered by Medicaid.

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Seniors common sexually transmitted diseases

Seniors And STDs: Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

You may have given little thought to the possibility of your parent contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) later in life. The reality is, this is a very common occurrence in individuals over 60, and the numbers are staggering when it comes to STD contraction at this age.

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The sandwich generation

The Sandwich Generation is a Balancing Act

Parents who are in the season of life where they are raising their children often spend lots of time in auditoriums and stadiums.

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Elder financial abuse

Uncovering Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Elder financial abuse is running rampant. It is considered the crime of our times and many seniors are falling victim to the preying hands of perpetrators.

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Family having a barbecue party in their garden in summer

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors

Your father is an important role model in your life and celebrating Father’s Day is the perfect way to honor him and show him how much he means to you.

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nurses for the elderly

Nursing Assistant Week: Recognize and Thank a Nurse

With National Nursing Assistant Week upon us, now is the time to recognize those that give tirelessly to the care of others. This June 15-22 is a time to celebrate those that care for our loved ones and make them a priority in all that they do.

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Healthy recipes for seniors

Healthy Recipes For Seniors That Make Eating And Cooking Easy

When an individual gets older, their need for food may diminish. They are not as active as they once were and it can be challenging for them to get the nutrients they need to remain healthy.

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men's health week

Take Action During Men’s Health Week

With National Men’s Health Week on June 12-18, it’s the perfect opportunity to have the men in your life get the health screenings and treatments they have been putting off.

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hip replacement surgery in seniors

What You Need to Know About Hip Replacement Surgery And Recovery?

When your parent is experiencing pain from arthritis, it can often lead to hip replacement surgery. As this arthritis permeates the joints and causes pain, it can be difficult for your parent to move and get around.

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What is Respite Care

What is Respite Care and Why Does the Sandwich Generation Need It So Badly?

Most little girls have fond memories of hanging around the kitchen with their mothers making sandwiches of all kinds—bologna, grilled cheese, and let’s not forget America’s favorite, the peanut butter, and jelly sandwich.

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