What is music therapy for seniors

What Is Music Therapy and How Can It Help People with Alzheimer’s?

Music therapy can improve the quality of life for elder patients, especially those suffering from degenerative diseases, like Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. But, what is music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients and how can it help seniors?

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Caregiver Stress

Don’t Shout or Burn Out: Effects of Caregiver Stress and How to Reduce Them

If you ask today’s aging seniors where they want to spend the later stages of their lives, 90% of them likely to tell you, “There’s no place like home.” According to research by AARP, 82% of seniors prefer to continue living in their family homes, even if they need assistance.

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Hire In Home caregiver for the elderly

Time To Hire An In-Home Caregiver? Read This First Before You Make A Decision

How to Hire an In-Home Caregiver for Your Aging Relative

The thought keeps going around in your mind: I need a caregiver for my husband.

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pet therapy for seniors

Pet Therapy for the Elderly – Your Ultimate Guide

Pet therapy for the elderly has become a popular method of mild therapy for senior citizens ( [i]). In fact, the documented benefits of interaction with pets are mental, emotional, and even physical.

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how to hire home care services

The Art of How to Hire a Home Health Care Agency for Seniors with Confidence

There comes a time in the lives of many senior citizens where they need a little assistance at home. Do you know that giving seniors just a little bit of help often makes it possible for seniors to live at home longer?

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alzheimer's care

Taking the Worry Out of Hiring In-Home and 24/7 Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Having a better understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease takes away much of the worry when you notice that someone that you love and care for is experiencing symptoms.

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caregiver stress and elder abuse

Connecting the Dots Between Caregiver Stress and Elder Abuse

The rising cost of elder care and the rising numbers of seniors who wish to remain in their homes are turning the tides away from institutional care and towards home and community-based care.

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transitional care management

An In-Depth Look at Transitional Care Management

Avoidable and costly hospital admissions are a key quality and patient safety concern for patients, family, and caregivers alike. A significant cause of readmissions that are otherwise preventable is poor coordination of care during transitions.

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Falls in senior

A Three-Tier Strategy to Avoid Falls in the Elderly:

If you or an elderly relative have suffered a fall, you are not alone. In fact, the numbers associated with old people falls may surprise you.

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Caregiver Shortage

Caregiver Shortage Alert : Who is Caring for Our Seniors?

Are you wondering if there is a caregiver shortage in America? Well, sadly, the answer is “Yes!” There is a crisis brewing that is expected to boil over in less than a decade.

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