Caring People Home Health Care

Our mission is to set and raise the standards for private duty home health care through innovation, education, and service, and to continually evolve to meet the needs of our clients and employees.


Setting the Standard in Non-Standard Care

The mark of a successful home health care program is a client that is comfortable, safe, and on the road to recuperation. Caring People understands that comfort, safety, and wellbeing are all relative to each client’s case, and that the scope of care our clients receive should not be limited to specific categories of service. Instead, Caring People has identified that home health care clients need a comprehensive care plan that addresses every need and is adaptable to any changes a client’s health may undergo.

Although our services are not bundled in traditional packages that many service companies provide, Caring People organizes our many home health care services into concise groups that make it easier for family members and referring doctors and hospitals to select the level of care most appropriate. Below are the basic levels of home health care we provide, but keep in mind that each client will meet with a registered nurse during a consultation to develop a plan that addresses all of their needs.

Patient & Family Testimonials

Our HHAs and nurses are recognized time and again for their care, compassion and dedication to our clients. These testimonials are a reminder of the positive impacts our services have on our clients and their families.

  • I am impressed with how responsive the financial staff is at Caring People. When I dealt with the health aide agency for my mom in Florida, I rarely got a reply to my email, and to get a refund due to a mistake in their billing took me about a month. So thank you, and all the staff at Caring People, for making things so easy, in terms of staffing and dealing with the agency.


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    To the Caring People Staff, I want to thank you both for your hard work in finding suitable aides for our patient's care. The home health aides that are caring for my patient are mature, responsible and caring and eager to contribute to the success of the protocols that we have in place. Both of your home health aides have worked positively in making sure that treatments prescribed by other doctors are followed to the letter. So far after one week of treatment in the Evolution™ program, my patient has tolerated both treatments very well and in addition, Stephanie D's impressive Friday visits have had a real impact in helping us work up a series of activities which we hope will complement these treatments. Thanks again for your work and your help in getting us started on these efforts to try to improve our patient's health.

    D.R., Evolution™ Care Program

  • vinyl

    To everyone at Caring People, thank you so much. My grandmother's condition had deteriorated to the point that she had difficulty communicating verbally, but now has regained the ability and confidence to express herself. I was amazed when my grandmother began to respond to music played as part of your Evolution program; the music provided with the MP3 player brought back fond memories for her, as she used to play the piano when she was younger. Thank you for the peace of mind and relief you've provided me; I know that my grandmother has access to amazing resources with the Evolution program to help her every step of the way.

    S.D., Evolution™ Care Program

  • heart-full

    Thank you so much for all you have done for my aunt! Your Evolution program is exactly what she needed! Your initial assessment of her condition was spot on and it only took a matter of weeks to see a positive difference in her behavior. My aunt is more engaged and seems to be happier overall. Knowing that you are working with my aunt is a great relief and puts my mind at ease - especially since I live away from her. Again, thank you for all of your hard work.

    H.K., Evolution™ Care Program